Famous restaurants in Ghent city of Belgium

Ear delicious Food in Ghent restaurants


Ghent is a very beautiful city of Belgium. While enjoying in budget hotel in Gent if you want to taste delicious food and variety of cuisines, then it is possible in Ghent restaurant. In Ghent you can find more than 300 restaurants and bars spread around the actual city center. The most popular restaurants and eateries in Ghent do specialise in Belgian and Flemish and in recent years,the city also increasing number of international dining options which include Chinese and Indian restaurants. Many restaurants in Ghent choose to specialise in Flemish dining and serve dishes based around mussels and other seafood, spare ribs and pork. While enjoying in hotel in Ghent, you can go to the Korenmarkt, which is always a good place to find some of the most noteworthy and affordable dining options, along with many cheap eats. Let us discuss some famous restaurant in Ghent city of Belgium.

 Amadeus II


Amadeus II is a famous restaurant in Ghent and this Ghent restaurant is also one of the most visited restaurant in Ghent. While enjoying in Gand hôtel, if you want to eat some tasty food, then you can visit Amadeus II restaurant in Ghent. This beautiful restaurant in Ghent is located right on the main square in the tourists section of the city.The tables are right on top of one another and the back room inside is gorgeous art deco decor with stained glass, mirrors and wood. There is a small menu, maybe 6 or 7 items. The main dish of this restaurant are ribs and snuck and if you want to drink then Amadeus II also provide a wine facility.



Keizershof is also one of the most visited restaurants in Ghent. If you really want to make your holidays more enjoyable then you must visit this charming restaurant in Ghent. This trendy Ghent restaurant is located on the garish market square which has an attractively informal ambience and a positive price ratio. Keizershof restaurant in Ghent offers excellent service and in summertime you can dine alfresco in a garden courtyard at the back. This restaurant in Ghent offers variety of cuisine but its famous dishes are Gentse stoverij (Ghent stew) and mosselen (mussels) and besides its cuisine this restaurant also offers plenty of salads and other light fare.

Graaf van Egmond


Graaf van Egmond is another beautiful restaurant in Ghent city of Belgium. Graaf van Egmond is a three star restaurant in Ghent which is situated in a 13th century building located in a riverside house.The restaurant's interior is lovely, with beamed ceilings, antique and reproduction pieces. This beautiful restaurant in Ghent's menu includes obster salad, grilled lamb, or Gentse stoverij (a traditional dish of beef stewed in beer). While enjoying in Graaf van Egmond restaurant in Ghent try to get a window seat, which affords a spectacular view of the towers of Ghent.

After enjoying in Ghent hotel if you want to eat in other cities, then you can enjoy and eat in famous restaurants in bruges, best restaurants in rome and venice restaurants.

Other interesting Destinations to visit


After vacationing in Gent Hotel, for more enjoyment you can also visit Zeeland hotels also. Tourists enjoying hôtel à Zeeland say that Zeeland is a province of the Netherlands consisting of islands and peninsulas interconnected by the dams and bridges of the Delta Works, Middelburg is the capital city of Zeeland and Vlissingen is also a wonderful city of Zeeland region. While enjoying hotel Zeeland offer you find that area of the Zeeland is very flat making it ideal for cycling and walking and its sunny beaches make it a popular holiday destination in the summer.

Belgian Coast

Belgian Coast is also a wonderful place to visit, vacationing in hotels in Belgian Coast is also one of the most best options to spend your vacations. Tourists enjoying weekendje Belgische Kust say that it is a coast which 65 kilometre long stretch of sandy coastline has 15 resorts, each with its own character and unique atmosphere. While vacationing in hôtel La Côte Belge you can enjoy sandy beaches and wide range of sports and recreation facilities which includes bicycling, sailing or fishing, ball games, horse riding and beach surfing.


Vacationing in hôtel à Bruges Belgique is one of the best option to spend your vacations, because Bruges is a most beautiful city of Belgium. Tourists who enjoyed the arrangement Brugge say that this art city has earned its fame in Europe through its impressive cultural heritage and the historic city center of Bruges was also named to the list of UNESCO World Heritage. Bruges is the capital and largest city of the province of West Flanders in the Flemish Region of Belgium and this charming city is located in the northwest of the country. Most tourist want to spend their vacations in hotel in Bruges, because of it's medieval street pattern, meandering canals, famous attractions, museums, gallaries, restaurants, bars, cafes and pubs.

Stay at Ghent Hotels

Hotel de Flandre


Hotel de Flandre is a four star hotel Gante Promocion. This charming hotel is very well located in the historical heart of the city and the hotel in situated in a 19th century building. In this hotel of Ghent city you tasteful guest rooms and a cosy lounge. This charming hotel in Ghent offers 47 well decorated rooms with all modern amenities, 24 hour front desk, a cosy bar and a lovely terrace where you can enjoy and relax.

 Hotel Auberge du Pêcheur


Hotel Auberge du Pêcheur is a four star hotels Ghent. This beautiful hotel Gent promotie is located right on the banks of the River Lys and the hotel provides a most beautiful terrace in the Benelux. Hotel Auberge du Pêcheur is a perfect place for comfortable and enjoyable stay. Hotel Auberge du Pêcheur offers 32 well decorated rooms with all modern facilities and a Michelin restaurant Orangerie which serves delightful cuisine.

Hotel De Meetjes


Hotel De Meetjes is a very beautiful hotel Gante Promocion. This charming hôtel Gand promotion is located in the small village 'Hansbeke' on about 15km from Ghent, and the hotel is also located between the Ghent and Bruges city of Belgium. It is a perfect place to start your holiday and this hotel offers well decorated rooms and Bruges, Ostend, Brussels, Deinze and Zomergem are some neaby nice places.

Weekend in Ghent city of Belgium

Vacationing in Ghent is one of the best options to spend your vacations, because Ghent is a very charming and interesting city of Belgium, and it retains the its status as a major cultural and economic center, Ghent is also a third biggest city of Belgium and one of the most beautiful ones. While enjoying Wochenende Gent you find that Ghent is a beautiful city and its attractions are also very famous in the world. The Alijn House, Gravensteen Castle, St. Bavo's Cathedral, Museum of Folklore, Fine Arts Museum and Belfry and the Cloth hall are some famous and must see attractions in Ghent. Ghent is a also known as the flower city of Belgium, because Ghent sell their beautiful begonia's and azalea's all over the world. Entirely we can say that Ghent is a very charming city of Belgium and you must visit it if you really want to make your vacations more enjoyable.

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